Other brands/items than published?
YES, but we cannot take everything in stock. Eheim, JBL, Aquatlantis, .... are on demand.
Prices & info : info@aquaria-antwerp.be

Spare parts?
YES, many available in stock, other on demand, but not published.
Prices & info : info@aquaria-antwerp.be

When are certain items available again and what will be the price?
Best answer : we do NOT know. We depend on many factors : aircargo, season, quarantine, availability, currency rates, ... .
Check regularly online, the stock is kept up-to-date every 30 minutes.

Can we pay with ecocheques?
No, we only take BE bancontact, cash, all credit cards, prepay banktransfer.

Do you take back fish?
We prefer NOT to take back fish. Better to make someone else happy.
 If you have no other place to take the fish, you can LEAVE them FOR FREE.